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New Niks

The Dutch (Rotterdam) quartet New Niks is taking it to the next level: new material has been written and they have worked on creating an open, clear/vivid/luminous/distinct/untroubled/high-coloured sound. The result of this work will soon be heard on their third cd: ON . A tour of this CD will follow during the course of 2012/2013.

After their first performance in 2003 on the Jazz International festival at Rotterdam and the release of its first cd 'Penguin Village', New Niks had various tours including several performances at 'North Sea Jazz' and at 'Vrije Geluiden' on TV.

During a co-operation with Stichting Oorkaan, which resulted in the educational performance 'doosje dia's', New Niks showed that it is not afraid to take on the experiment.

A successful collaboration with the Artvark Saxophone Quartet resulted in the release of the CD 'Busy, busy, busy'. The CD was received with a lot of enthusiasm by both press and public. This then resulted in an extensive tour along the major Jazz venues and festivals in the Netherlands, combining New Niks and The Artvark Saxophone Quartet as an octet.

Arend Niks drums
Andreas Suntrop electric guitar
Jasper le Clercq violin
Erwin Hoorweg electric piano

The Press about New Niks

De Volkskrant (29-09-2003)

Captivating compositions with humour Last Saturday New Niks, the latest project of drummer Arend Niks, yet again catered for a resounding kick-off. Just like the Frenchman Louis Sclavis, this percussionist and composer writes outlandish musical pieces, especially because of their hopping and shifting rhythmical foundations. With Arend Niks, too, the results are both captivating and compelling, while in addition the music is flavoured with far more humour. His rock is also heavier and he allows for some more relaxed bliss. Once again, it was original European jazz in a league of its own that his collectively operating band brought onto the stage.

NRC (30-09-2003)

A platform for talent Arend Niks – the hub of last year's festival - presented his new band and it turned out to be a splendid platform for Rotterdam talents such as violin player Jasper le Clercq and guitar player Andreas Suntrop. While the latter applied his loop pedals to produce a carpet of six layers of guitar riffs, Le Clercq time and again singled out a fresh element from this mix to underscore it and to give the balance of sounds yet another slight shift. These musicians proved that the City on the Meuse is not only a highly suitable stage for jazz festivals, but an abounding musical source at the same time.

Rotterdams Dagblad (30-09-2003) AN ASTOUNDING MIX OF MUSIC

Saturday night started with a true premiere: the first performance of New Niks, the new ensemble of Rotterdam-based drummer Arend Niks. The artistic leader of last year's Jazz International Rotterdam had gathered three fellow-townsmen around him and between them they presented an idiosyncratic mix of a wide variety of musical genres. A variety that includes elements of free jazz, blues, swing, hot club, folk music and fanfare. All of these were mixed effortlessly in compositions abounding with tempo changes, unexpected transitions and stops.

The line-up of the band is equally idiosyncratic: in addition to Niks on drums, the ensemble features Jasper le Clercq on violin, Andreas Suntrop on guitar and Erwin Hoorweg on the Rhodes piano. Says Arend Niks: "The absence of a bass compels the band to look for all kinds of musical solutions to cater for that void." In addition, he feels the sound becomes more transparent and accessible.

The press about Penguin Village:

De Volkskrant (15-06-2006) FREAKISH MUSICAL TURNS BY NIKS

A "New Niks" is always worth waiting for; the Rotterdam-based drummer and composer Arend Niks may release relatively few albums, but they invariably stand out because of their cheerful, witty and imaginative atmosphere. Niks is always orchestrating, no matter what he does: in his intelligent percussion, his musical arrangements which ensue logically from the highly expressive themes that sink in so well, but also in his choice of instruments – electric piano and guitar plus violin. Rather an unusual choice, but it definitely pans out well. The melody lines – often characterized by a Zappa-like, colourful jumpiness – are always subjected to a bizarre twist, simply because the various tones are struck up just beyond what you might expect, compounded by unexpected changes of rhythm. The musical pieces, complex as they may be, are played in a flowing style by a truly close-knit set of musicians without any dominant stars; they all know how to swing and blast without any limits. This musical feast includes heart-warming contributions by violin-player Jasper Le Clercq, keyboard player Erwin Hoorweg as well as Andreas Suntrop, a guitar player who is entitled to some more fame.


"Virtuoso, and yet congenial". That might well be a characterization of the music of Niks; for example of the music of 23 is a crowd, which he announced as "a piece about African prime numbers". The (West) African element is hidden in the minuscule musical patterns of Andres Suntrop on electric guitar. The prime numbers refer not only to an English proverb, but also to the rhythm, which is anything but straightforward. Anyone who is in for some heavy grooving or head banging, has come to the wrong shop. The front line of the quartet is filled in by guitar and violin, and the latter instrument is played quite elastically by Jasper le Clerq. At times, the style is reminiscent of the duo Frank Zappa and Jean-Luc Ponty on their albums Hot Rats and King Kona. And then there are also times when Niks evokes other associations; Cookie Escape is an example and "it was written for a cartoon yet to be made". And there he hits the nail right on the head, because this "trivial piece" has the potential to become just as famous as Henry Mancini's Pink Panther or Toy trumpet by Ray Scott. If the percussionist-composer manages to find the right people to thrust this musical piece forward into the world, he will be able to lead a life of leisure at the age of fourty. The fact that Niks only played one short solo during the whole concert, once more underscores the fact - with apologies to Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich - that the drummer in today's jazz business uses his ears rather than his muscles. Hammering everything into "minced meat for the public at large" by just smashing, pounding, banging and ramming away; that's not what he studied for.

The press about Busy, busy, busy:


De Volkskrant

Het Parool




ON is the third cd of the quartet New Niks.

First they made 'Penguin Village' then, 'Busy Busy Busy' (with Artvark SQ).

ON is new: new pieces, new approach, new concept, new fun, new cover, new jazz, new recording, new energy, new gear, new new new...

New Niks still makes eloustic acouctric comprovised manhandmade films for ears.

Arend Niks drums
Erwin Hoorweg electric piano
Andreas Suntrop electric guitar
Jasper le Clercq violin

Recorded live at Walhalla by Paul Pouwer. Mixed by Chris Weeda and Arend Niks. Mastered by Gene Paul at G&J Audio NY.


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